Oh Wien

Vienna, Austria - Although my visit was short, nice and sweet, immediate thoughts in my mind of how I would never mind to live in this city. It reminded me a lot like home -- it's streets were filled with people rushing to places, restaurants filled and central hubs were packed with tourists (as to every beautiful city). I found myself in love.

For a day, I went on a tour visiting the destinations shown in my photos. It's always a great idea to be toured around and listen to local guides with all the knowledge and tourist information city source they have. Prior to arriving in Vienna, I knew little information of the city. Luckily we had a really great tour guide who was very knowledgable of all the cities we visited with him. (Side note: My group hired a tour guide from Poland all the way to Vienna with us by bus. It was so convenient for us to travel with someone local to the countries we visited together)

Oldest street in Vienna by Griechenbeisl,

Griechenbeisl Guesthouse

  My favourite part would probably be our visit to the Schönbrunn Palace. We were guided on a private tour that lead us throughout the palace. Our tour guide was very informative on The Habsburgs and she was very easy to understand her explainations considering she had a strong Austrian accent; and for any questions we had, she answered promptly. However, I wish we had more time to explore the rest of the palace such as the beautiful garden.

I plan to go back to explore more of what the city offers particularly its arts scene and watch shows in the Vienna State Opera House. Because lets face it, a couple days is definitely not enough! 


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St. Stephen's Cathedral

Grüß Gott

Vienna State Opera House

Vienna State Opera House

Vienna State Opera House

Schönbrunn Palace

Schönbrunn Palace

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