Dzien Dobry, Warszawa!

Temple of Divine Provedence | Warsaw, Poland

Old Town | Warsaw, Poland

Holy Cross Church | Warsaw, Poland

Overlooking the National Stadium across the Vistula River bank | Warsaw, Poland

Temple of Divine Provedence | Warsaw, Poland

 POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews | Warsaw, Poland

 POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews | Warsaw, Poland

Kees van Dongen | Portrait of Antoni Cierplikowski - 1927 | Muzeum Narodowe w Warszawie

I grew a profound love for Warsaw. Though I did not spend most of my time travelling through the city visiting all the beautiful attractions it offered, it certainly holds a great place in my heart. I spent most of my time; if not all with the local youth parishioners south of Warsaw for five days. Spending my time with the locals has opened my eyes to a very unexpected view of Poland. In all honesty, I had no research on the country or what it had to offer other than some basic information I had to review in preparation for my pilgrim. Experiencing the city in a raw and mysterious direction was exciting to say the least.

A group of us paraded our way through multiple museums ..three to be exact; I thought it was the perfect way in getting to know Warsaw and the country as a whole which I was oblivious to. We were so lightened to its history during WWII, I was overwhelmingly astonished. If you are considering on visiting, I highly recommend going to a local museum or two. A couple to mention, The Museum of Warsaw provided wonderful pieces of art and its culture as well as the Warsaw Uprising Museum that's a total must so to be immersed in the country's battle under the hands of the Germans in 1944 for freedom.

Warsaw is convenient enough to wander through. The train lines are simple and easy to understand (but not so much to verbally pronounce) to get to many places, but when in doubt, the bike shares are accesible to hop on to and cruise around on. My time spent with a local family was a huge blessing because not only you get to experience its culture but you get to eat home cooked meals and local dishes as well as learn the language and being exposed to their overall lifestyle.

Need I mention again that this city and the people I've met along the way I've grown fondness for and that it has been a very special journey. I was remarkably inspired in my personal faith and found myself at a place in my life at peace after a very long time. Shall I say a spiritual growth - faith, soul ..and mind. Seeing Christ in others illuminate so much life, nothing else mattered than the undertaking joy I felt. I took with me an advise from a parish priest (who did not speak a single word of English so I suppose you can say I took an advise from a translator) to speak from the heart in prayer; exceptionally one of the many things I've forgotten and lacked in the recent years of my life. Although the confrontation with our host priest was bare to none I acquired connections with the local youth group, and witnessing their relationship and unity radiated with admiration. So the one thing i'll say is that through this pilgrim, I was blessed with a new sight and a fresh outlook that i'll carry forever.

Blessed be God.