Que Pasa!

Platja Nova Icaria, Barcelona

Coffee Shop in Pontevedra

Cambados, Pontevedra

Spain is one of my favourite countries to visit in Europe. The language, the atmosphere the beaches and the beautiful landscapes and of course the people -- Wait, how can I forget the food! This is my second visit to Spain and I can probably still say i've fallen in love with it every time. I promised myself the first time that I was going to come back and experience it in another way, alone. 

Distant view of the Barcelona Cathedral

I took the train to Barcelona from France and stayed there for more than a few days to take my time and wander. I visited the beaches that were memorable to me, walked miles to architectural landmarks and on my way, had a baguette on hand buzzing my way through trains stops. For some reason, I felt I had really lived it there and was even mistaken as a local -- my heart flew out of my chest.

Ruins of Santo Domingo in Pontevedra

Another reason for me being in Spain was that I wanted to visit my old homestay family in a small town in San Martino de Meis near San Senxo off the Atlantic coast, which was about a couple hours away from Santiago de Compostela. I flew myself to Vigo which was cheaper and closer to Pontevedra. I was happy that I got to see many more familiar places and faces after a long European trip. I was overjoyed that I landed somewhere that felt like home. As I was passing through the towns, it made me smile to think back on my first journey there and thought, "that's not changed" or "was this here before"? Nostalgia hit hard. I spent time with my homestay family at home eating bread, playing with the dogs, opened dried beans like a real country Province girl I am at heart, and going to the beach. Probably the most relaxing travel time I had, because admit it, we all know travelling is actually pretty exhausting.

Mercat de La Boqueria, Barcelona

Home porch in San Marino de Meis, Pontevedra

Eventually, reality slowly kicked in. I needed to fly back to Barcelona and spend another night to end my entire journey and fly back home. I usually get home sick after over a month long of travel and just want to be in my own bed. But I didn't. Everything must always come to an end.

Until next time, mi amor!

Monasterio De Armenteira, Pontevedra

Monasterio De Armenteira, Pontevedra

Monasterio De Armenteira, Pontevedra