Best Travel Rewards Card: American Express Gold Rewards Review

For some time in the past years, I had been trying to decide on a travel card. After careful research I decided on American Express Gold Rewards card partly because I have read many great reviews on it apart from its great travel benefits. Previously, i’ve had a Visa that I had no problems with but I ended up with a card that had no rewards point with low interest rate. I also have a low credit limit by choice so that I can maintain my card which works out very well with my previous spending lifestyle. But I had been traveling on many occasions in the past years and have been using the card without any returns and thinking back to it, sucked. I’ve had their points card prior and noticed how slow the points were accumulating so I just made it as donations to charity which all worked out once filing taxes came around, I used it as my first time donors receipt to file and did not expect the revenue to be so generous with their return. For anyone who never got to file their first time donor receipt this past tax season, sorry to say you’ve missed the eligibility from Canada Revenue. If you never knew about it in the past 5 years, then it's best to have a financial advisor by your side no matter how simple your tax filings are and even more for those who have a bit more in depth filing, you working millennials. If you are outside of Canada, it helps knowing what you're eligible for in your returns in your own province/state.

Furthermore on American Express Gold Rewards card, it has probably been one of the best things i’ve made a decision on as a financial adult-ing moment. As a traveller, it gives double points on travel purchases and many daily purchases that allow you to accumulate quicker on rewards points. But it doesn't just benefit you for your travel needs, you can purchase with your points and even transfer them to many of the popular travel rewards cards like Aeroplan, Avion and to big name frequent flyer rewards card like Delta SkyMiles, Asia Miles and others. This card is a No Pre-set Spending Limit but don’t mistaken it as a “unlimited limit”. You have to build trust between you as a holder and them as a provider. By trust, provided that you have kept an outstanding history on your account with no late payments with full balances. That follows it being a charge card which means that you must pay your balance in full at the end of every month otherwise, you loose the rewards you’ve just earned in the past month. Which to me is the bigger hit than a higher interest rate. This way, I find that it gives me the responsibility that I can own up to and not ruin my credit and be paying more interest by paying just the minimum payments. I see it as hitting three birds with one stone; benefits, no card limit and lets me maintain a good credit score (given that you've maintained other current credits/loans you may have).

With the rewards and benefits of the card, you can't resist to not have one even if you’re not a frequent world hopper, you can accumulate a lot to save for a special occasion to travel or spend as purchases on your fave must-haves.

I also want to point out how quick and easy dealing with them over the phone is and you actually talk to real people! How I hate automated calls. I had never been disappointed with any of my seemingly annoying phone calls with them. Even to just quickly asking them on what certain points in the agreement meant and how the pre-set limit worked and when I had questions at random moments in the day. I probably called them 2-3 times a day when I was starting out to get use to the card which made it that easy to love. 

For more information on American Express cards to see which card fits best with your spending and lifestyle, check them out here.

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