It's Patio Season!

Summer has officially arrived! Vancouver is heating up real quick so you know what that means.. Patio season! Here are a few things to spruce up your patios and outdoor spaces for the summer. If you haven't gotten a clue where do start, let me help. For the typical condo balconies out there with only room for a pony and your two dogs and a cat, you can still make your outdoor space inviting enough to host a brunch with your girlfriend or a bottle or two of cervezas with your buddies.

First up, maybe start by cleaning your patio from all the seasons that have passed by it. Sounds like a good start.

I've put together a few inexpensive pieces for small spaces to season up your balconies for a more inviting area to get fresh air right from the door sliders of your own home. These are only a few easy pointers to get you started in creating your space to enjoy while the sun is out while you don't have to line up and spend extra cash at your local restaurant patios.

For a small space, we want as much clearance as possible to make room. But a little greenery doesn't hurt that will make it more inviting. Try going for plants that can be placed indoors and outdoors to easily manoeuvre them in and around the house. Succulents are great to put together in planters. You can mix and match them with many types as shown in CB2 planters. Or try going for leafy air purifying plants such as ferns, spider plants, Chinese evergreens and lilyturfs for some colour. These vertical steel stands with planters will look great for even the small paces because it gives height and with the free space at the base, it will make it look spacious that doesn't crowd the floor space. Anything lifted off the ground will make a room have the appearance open and uncluttered. These are from CB2 called Kronos planters. You can check them out on Robson Street.

If you have a bit for extra room, you can add a floor plant such as an Areca or Bird of Paradise palm trees to make it feel and look from that selfie as if you're always on that tropical vacation. Find floor plants that do not have too many stems with just the proper amount of leaves to not make it look like you have a bush in the corner of your balcony. It's ok to get choosy with your plants because you do have to talk to them after all.. 


Lastly, we're outside to enjoy the weather with a glass of beer in our hand. Let's admit it, we always need a two four waiting for us in the fridge from a long day of work. This bistro set furniture is great for the limited space in your typical tiny Vancouver balcony. This particular one is from JYSK that go well with the planters above. It's a foldable set of poly rattan weave which make it lightweight and durable, those itself are a huge plus! You can easily tuck them away when you want more space for your friends outside. With just a simple floor sweep, you can bring out a a couple cushions like this jute cushion from CB2 perfect to sit around on your new wood floor decking that are so much more comfortable to sit on rather than your old cement flooring. There are also some cushions at JYSK for super inexpensive ones.


If you think your floor is boring with that grey painted cement, grab some outdoor deck flooring to give it a totally new look. Ikea - yes, good 'ol ikea. They have some inexpensive outdoor flooring materials that are easy to install, your dog can do the work while you drink that cerveza.

These brown stained wooden planks make for a cozy outdoor space for your bare feet to walk on. You can go all out on the entire square footage of your balcony or place a portion of it that will give you visual separation for the space if need be. They're minimal maintenance and cleaning but also best to glaze the wood at least once a year to last as long as it can. 


Photos are not my own and as stated below images.

These are just few pointers and inspiration to give yourself a small project to put together a comfortable space to hang around in this summer. You can get the look which i've already linked through in the photos. Let me know if this helped you out with some ideas for your balcony! 

Enjoy and take full advantage of the sunshine because we all know this weather doesn't last forever in Vancouver.